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What is the House cleaning schedule for a housekeeper? House cleaning schedule is the plan that provides the housekeeper a guideline to categorizes the cleaning works of a house. And is based on when to do it and what all work needs to be done. Our smart maid company already trained the maids to what is the house cleaning schedule for a housekeeper.

Schedule the house cleaning duties of a housekeeper broadly into two categories. Daily activities and Weekly activities.
  • Daily activities are duties that have to be done daily and must not be skipped or postponed to another day.
  • weekly activities are duties that need only be done once in a week. These activities are mostly done on the weekends.
The House cleaning schedule for a housekeeper :


  • Keep the Books, directories, newspapers, etc in the living room.
  • Arrange the cushions of the sofa properly. Fold and arrange the clothes and arrange them in the wardrobe.
  • Make the bed daily. The pillows fluffed and fold the bedsheets. Keep water for drinking beside the bed.
  • sweeping the floors of all the rooms. vacuuming the rugs and carpets, sofas, cushions etc.cleaning the vessels in lukewarm water.
  • check the refrigerator for old or damaged food and remove unnecessary items from it.
  • dispose of the garbage and wash the trash.
  • replenish the necessary items such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. maintain the bathroom dry at all times.
  • this is the daily House cleaning schedule for a housekeeper.
  • 5 Scheduled works that you should do in daily house chores that you shouldn’t avoid.


  • Dry cloth dusting of all the items in the rooms using a wet cloth, clean those items again to maintain the shine.
  • Cleaning of the ceiling fans (preferably once in two weeks)cleaning the photo frames, showpiece items, chandeliers, etc.
  • Clean the electronic items with a dry cloth first and then repeat with a damp cloth.
  • The mopping of the floors of all the rooms using cleaning agents weekly (preferably every 4-5 days).
  • Changing of pillow covers, bedsheets, and window curtains.cleaning of the toilet using a strong disinfectant and cleaning brush.
  • The cleaning of glass shower doors, fittings, etc should be done using cleaning agents. sanitizing and scrubbing of sinks, tubs, etc.
  • Replace the bathroom towels preferably once in 3-4 days. clean all the mirrors and windows in the house using a cleaning agent and this is the daily House cleaning schedule for a housekeeper.
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