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Privacy Policy

We do understand the responsibility  when you trust us with your information.

So we designed our Privacy Policy specially for you.


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Privacy Policy

We do understand the responsibility on us, when you trust us with your information.  Our privacy policy ensures you that your data is protected and is not misused in by anyone.

This privacy policy helps you understand the type of information collected and why we do so. We want you to understand that we collect these information so as to help you get a better experience. And that these information we collect are not accessible to a third party

We would collect location and address. So that we can help you find maids who are nearer to your home or workplace. Nationality and languages you know will help you find a maid having the same nationality as yourself or speak the same language you speak. We  also require other details that are considered necessary to hire a maid from this company.


All the information you provide will safeguard by our privacy policy. Our privacy policy protects your details from spammers or other data hackers. According to our privacy policy, you can choose the information that you wish to share with us. On the other hand, we recommend you provide all the necessary details. So this will help us find the perfect maid for you.

Data Security

Your data are encrypted and saved in our storage systems. Nobody can access it for any personal use. The database will review continuously in terms of data security. Your privacy is very much important to us and thus your interactions with this company remain confidential.

This does not apply to any services offered by any other organization doing business using our name. Similarly, services offered by any other person who is not part of our organizations. We keep on updating our privacy policy from time to time. Without your consent (explicit),  we won’t minimize your rights.

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