Smart maids offering One time maid service Duabi since 2010

If you are going to work and can not finish homework, only need One-time maid service, or if you are having a birthday party, anniversary, or holding a shift for 4 hours or more per day, you can now book one employee or more employees in advance.

If you find housework difficult in this busy life or if you are going to work and can not do all the work alone then we are at a call distance Our housekeepers can book at a time so you can go to work and hand over all the housework to our housekeepers and they will look after our work very accurately every year. That's how we train everyone. All of our staff have good experience in housework.

You will also get our one-time maid service as you care for your home. Our discreet staff will not do anything without your permission so you can try our one-time maid service and then select us for permanent maid service if required.

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