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Who are we?

Smart maid cleaning services LLC was created in 2010. With over 4000 happy customers, one of Dubai’s top maid companies.  The trained technical staff creates a hassle-free atmosphere for the customers and guarantee that the next day is the performance given to consumers because Smart Maid provides your house and family with total responsibility and babysitter in Dubai.

You can recruit our staff as per your needs, like part-time and full-time maids in Dubai because Highly skilled maids from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Nepal will provide by the specialist cleaning company Smart Maid in Dubai. Inexpensive and high-quality facilities are provided to you by smart maids, and we even have a babysitter in dubai.

Anyone can carry out cleaning. But there is an experience for smart maids, who can comfortably handle the problem, and intelligent maids do that. So, in Dubai, Smart Maid isn’t just a cleaning company but a group of experienced professionals who devote their 24 * 7 hours to their operation and now find us in the absence of time to pay attention to our environment’s requirements with rapid advances in the fields of technology.

People can hardly commit much time to clean their homes and workplaces, so they always look wild and dirty and Most often, after seeing the full scope of the work we must do, many steps out to clean our area but get discouraged. So, a smart maid would like to extend our support to alleviate this burden and support you in this crisis, so we arranged a babysitter in dubai.

Our Mission

Smart Maid strives to provide the highest quality residential and business cleaning service to keep our clients completely happy. By creating long-term relationships based on confidence and complete consumer satisfaction, we concentrate on customers’ needs and strive to win their appreciation. Because our workers are highly qualified in-house cleaning, office cleaning, pet care, group assistance, and house cleaning, and Babysitter in Dubai, so we are one of Dubai’s biggest maid agencies.

 In the industry, smart maid services are in great demand because we are continually growing. Our workers are the reason for our achievements and have brought their supreme commitment and involvement to the top. Our fees are relatively low, however, so you can use our services without any moments look. You can call or email us.

 We care for you, so the standard of our maid service is taken very seriously by us. So, we have a friendly and competent team in the office and your homes to support you, and when you need advice or support, we do our best to help you.

Trusted & Experienced

Reliable & Fully Insured

Long Term Contracts

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Residential Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Commercial Cleaning 60% 60%
  • Event Cleanup 90% 90%
  • One-time Cleaning 80% 80%
  • Regular Cleaning 60% 60%
  • Babysitting Services 90% 90%

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Why maid service is important for commercial spaces?

Maid services are important for commercial spaces as like residential area. The commercial cleaning is always important due to many reasons. A clean and neat office space gives a law and order to the office and it always improves the productivity in the company. The...

Why should you spent more on maid visa while you are in Dubai?

The maids to Dubai is quite expensive. We are maids provider in Dubai. We provide maids for all your needs. The maids you take along with you from your home country has a lot of legal procedures. The expense of hiring a maid to Dubai is a troublesome issue. Smartmaid...

Is your maid have proven track record?

Yes, our maids have proven track record. They are experienced hands and they are proven during their olden days. We provide only experienced and quality has proven workers. The maids sent to your home should be quality proven in all sense since it is our...

How to clean green interiors?

Green  clean interiors is a concept were plants are grown inside your living room as well as in balconies. The plants inside your rooms and balconies give you a fresh feeling throughout the day but the dust which stick on the leaf give you irritation. But smartmaid...

Is there any part time maids available Dubai?

Yes. Smartmaid offers hourly maids for offices and residential areas. All you have to do is prior information about your location and requirement.W e drop our maids in your doorsteps in your convenient time so that they can help you in cleaning washing and ironing....

Are there any party helpers available in Dubai for hourly basis ?

Yes. Smartmaid cleaning company offers party helpers in Dubai for hourly basis. We offer party helpers as per your request in your destination. If you feel like everything is fed up after a party and the surroundings are messy enough then you can avail our maids. Our...

How to select a maid in Dubai ?

For regular cleaning of your home, a maid is important. And for a visiting maid, it is difficult to check their background. For the instance, smart maid cleaning solutions can help you. In a busy city like Dubai, it is important to take a detailed background check-up...

What qualities should be there for a housemaid?

The housemaids should have all the qualities like discipline, cleanliness, and punctuality. Housemaids without cleanliness should not be assigned to your home. Sometimes, a maid with some serious health disease may enter our house as a maid so in order...
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