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Maids in Dubai marina

You will get a maid for AED 40 for one hr. in remote areas. But in Dubai Marina, it costs higher than AED 30 for an hour. Dubai Marina is a residential district where you can find better maid services too. According to the customer, maids in Dubai Marina are available for office, school as well as home cleaning. More restaurants, hotels, business offices, are there in Marina. You can find more professional maid servicing firms in Dubai Marina. The cost of maids in Dubai Marina is probably high compariing to other areas in Dubai. More luxury apartments and businesses related to beach tourism are associated with Dubai Marina. More maid service firms are there here. So, you can easily find plenty of maids in Dubai Marina. Per hour the rate starts from AED 40.

Cost of Maids in Dubai Marina

Maids are available for residential cleaning and business-related places. You can hire a maid for cleaning the post-party in Dubai Marina. Most of the people prefer an hourly or weekly basis service in this area. Comparing to other parts of Dubai maids can find better opportunities in Dubai Marina. The hourly rate charged by most of the cleaning firms is around AED 30 to 40. Part-time is preferred by most of the residents since it avoids the headache of running behind the paper works for getting the visa, providing contracts, etc.

Depends on the work you want to do you can hire a maid on a weekly or hourly basis. The services offered in other parts of Dubai are limited but in Marina, you can find more services according to the culture and business there. Also, more people prefer hiring a maid here because it is a luxury city.  Different cleaning service companies offer services like deep cleaning, house cleaning, Dust cleaning, sofa cleaning, Office and Commercial Cleaning Services. And part-time maids and full-time maids are available. The maid service companies give more offers on the cost of the maid in the Dubai Marian region. Some are offering a 5 to 12% discount on their hourly rate.

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