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how to clean your home from top to bottom?
How to clean your home from top to bottom? A house becomes a home when it is clean. Most of you might be often baffled on How to clean your home from top to bottom. The key to successfully cleaning your home from top to bottom is to have a  strategy.  Once you identify the areas then we need to identify the work and the items to be cleaned. Creating a work schedule does things. If you are unable to clean your home during a busy life in Dubai the smart maid cleaning company provides the best maids services. And we clean your home from top to bottom.


The first room is the living room. living rooms are very important as most of our guests use the cleanliness of the living room as a scale to determine our character and cleanliness. Checklist for cleaning the living room from top to bottom. dry cloth dusting of all the items in the room using a wet cloth,  clean those items again to maintain the shine and cleaning agents dust the ceiling fans and other electrical items. Using a vacuum clean all the upholstered furniture properly. clean the lampshades, picture frames. arrange the important books such as directories etc. to place them in an easily accessible location. change the covers of the sofa cushions.


The main reason for the kitchen to get dirty is due to the oily cooking which crates greasy dirt which sticks to the surface of kitchen slabs, stoves,  walls, etc. The kitchen needs to be hygienic at all times.  Checklist for cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom:  Wash the vessels in lukewarm water. Clean the kitchen slabs with cleaning agents. Similarly, clean the partitions, cabinets, crockery, glass items, windows, and window grills. Dispose of the garbage daily and wash the dustbins.


 A bedroom is not only a place where a person sleeps but hangs around so much time. Checklist to clean your home from top to bottom: using the vacuum cleaner dust out the carpets and rugs. change. The beds cover and make the bed neatly. change the old pillow covers every week and fluff them up and arrange them on the bed. dust the bedroom properly clean
the light surfaces and lampshades. wipe and clean the fan with a cloth. clean the picture frames and mirrors. Clean the windows grills and the glass of the window. change the bedsheets and curtains preferably once in a week wipe and clean the wardrobes and shelves ones in a week.


The bathroom must be tidy and hygienic at all times. Checklist for clean your home from top to bottom: Clean the bathroom with warm water and proper disinfectants. wash and clean the sinks with a cleaning brush and disinfectants the tubs showers and pipes need to bee disinfected and rinsed. change the bathroom towels one in 3-4  days and wash the old ones in lukewarm water. clean the toilet thoroughly using a strong disinfectant and cleaning brush wipe the mirrors and glass shower doors with cleaning agents to clear all the unwanted marks and dirt. the floor must be
wiped properly and the dirt between tiles should the properly cleaned and mopped dry.t he bathroom must be always kept dry when not in use. soaps, conditioners, and shampoos should be replenished when necessary. ensure proper
ventilation to avoid dampness


Corridors and lobbies are very important as they grab a lot of attention. Checklist for cleaning the corridors and lobbies from top to bottom: dust all the walls and surfaces and clean using damp cloths. all the fixtures such as chandeliers,  lamps,  showpieces, photo frames, windows, etc must be cleaned on regular intervals removal of cobwebs from the corner and ceilings should be done with a long brush or a long broom and care must be given not to smear it to the wall or ceiling and get it dirty.

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