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Smart maid services LLC is here to support you from a first-time mommy to a pro-parent for Baby sitting Dubai


Smart maid services LLC is a rising provider of Baby sitting Dubai and provides your baby, toddlers, and twin babies with outstanding and competent assistance. We are here to give the best piece of advice, give parents some downtime, advocate for their needs and interests in childcare. Our baby sitting Dubai has vast clinical expertise in treating babies of all ages. Our professional employees provide the highest level of service and their knowledge and skills as skilled babysitters. They have experienced training and undergone sessions. We will match them to the staff profiles, based on your preferences, and provide your family with a fantastic and efficient service.

Benefits of our Baby sitting in Dubai

  • Our experience in feeding, sleeping, weaning, and day and night routine arrangement helps your baby grow well and help you 24X7 with all your baby care and home needs.
  • We provide daily training to improve the workers’ skills, such as Specific Food Safety and Hygiene Training.
  • Assure you that quality is continuously maintained and strengthened through house visits, customer input, evaluation and presentation of skills, internal training, discussion and meetings with staff management, and clear follow-up on our customers’ expectations.
  • We perform comprehensive background examination, screening, reference testing, medical fitness check-up, skills, abilities test supervised by our Training Manager and parents themselves, based on your needs


You will experience the genuine and maternal affection extended from our family to yours with smart maid services Baby sitting Dubai and our baby sitting Dubai experienced babysitters who know how to manage children of all ages. Over the years, they have gained tremendous insight into how kids work and know all the tricks necessary to keep them confined and all parenting methods to make them feel safe and secure.

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Our babysitters will make sure they are well fed and well dressed, disciplined well, get enough playtime, and don’t feel sad that their parents are not there for them, of course. Our babysitters understand all the babysitting steps which need to take when the situation calls for it, and you can see your children sleeping happily by the time you come back at night.

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Now you don’t have to worry about kids care because we are here to offer service on baby sitting.

Our staffs take utmost care and responsibility to babysitting in the absence of the parents. On the other hand, Smart Maid provides experts in baby sitting to your Home, Apartment, to the Hotels and everywhere you need us. Care to small ones by Smart Maid is seen in the nannies we assign to your home. 

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What’s Included

Babies need the utmost attention and care from time to time. However due to a hectic work schedule parents often find it next to impossible to spend quality time with their children.  Make feel home care to your small ones.So we provide kids care or baby sitting. Some special service we offers are,

  • Full time and part time babysitting
  • Excellent package for working couples
  • Short and long term contracts available
  • Excellent care

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