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How to plan or schedule the household works? every day whenever you are planning your day, hygiene should feature in it. And is important that hygiene is an integral part of our day to day services. Hygiene is not meant to be not only just body hygiene like brushing and taking a shower. But it also includes keeping your home clean.

Cleaning a home is an essential part of our life. And it is a practice you can’t afford to forego on a to-do list. There are 5 crucial cleaning activities that everybody should do on a daily basis. Here is a breakdown of these activities and why they should undertake it daily.

Schedule the household works

 Doing laundry
Cleaning bathrooms
Washing dishes
Empty trash
Make beds

Put dirty laundry away or doing laundry

It could be the clothes you wore the day before, your nightwear, dirty socks, or any other dirty clothing that you can’t wash immediately. As long as it is dirty laundry, make sure to drop it in the laundry basket. Depending on your schedule, you can schedule your washing clothes on a daily basis or weekends. It is better not to go for a weekend laundry. But a daily basis wash can help to clean you’re the home and keep it neatly. Whenever you don’t wait for the entire basket to fill it gives more cleanliness to home as well as more durability to the dress items.

Making the bedroom and bed

Nobody thinks more about the cleaning or making the bed. But after the heavy office hours when you are back home a neat bed space can help you to feel relaxed as soon as you are back. To keep your bedroom clean and tidy, change the bedsheets and spreadings on a fixed interval. This scheduled works should be definitely add on your to-do list every day or in the weekly list. Make sure to replace dirty sheets with clean ones in fixed intervals. It welcomes you a warm deep sleep that relaxes all your muscles and body.

Cleaning washrooms

Clean the bathroom sinks or dining sinks after you’ve brushed your teeth to avoid dirt from building up. Toilets and sinks are the main pathogenic carrier while you should make sure to clean the bathtubs and shower floors after taking a shower. And also you should ensure that there is no soap residue left on the floor since it might cause an accident.

Wash dishes

Make sure you practice cleaning dishes as soon as you finish your meals. Immediately after every meal, make it a norm to clean all the dishes including pots, pans and all kinds of utensils. Dirty dishes create a better source of pathogenic growing environment for breeding pests –something that you shouldn’t allow in your home. The pests like cockroach, spiders presence in the home can adversely affect the family lifestyle. Besides, cleaning dishes would only take only a few minutes of your precious time, while it can avoid pathogenic growth.

Empty trash

So it is the time that you’ve already had your meal and washed the dishes, one thing you don’t want to forget is to empty your trash can.  The wastebasket should be kept clean as soon as possible whenever a batch or work finishes. Make sure to remove the trash carefully wrapped in a bag and put it in the bin, ready for collection in the waste collection center and not to dump in public and private places. Areas like the kitchen usually have a lot of trash hence should be given top priority.

You need to carry out all the trashes indicted above on a daily basis to avoid the accumulation of dirt, which is the primary source of illnesses. However, if you have a busy schedule, you may find it difficult to clean the entire place all by yourself, and so it is essential to get the services of a good cleaner or a maid. Smartmaid cleaning services is a reputable company with seasoned cleaners who have all the equipment, and detergents needed to make your home sparkling clean. Make a call today on +97150 8810630 for quality services at affordable rates.

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