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Do you feel that cleaning is a hectic process?

Almost all our time and effort consumed by this busy life schedule, so house cleaning has become more complicated than it used to be. Particularly in such cities as Dubai, and it is challenging to find maids in Dubai who can trust you as your family. The smart maid cleaning LLC provides the solution. We also offer babysitter in Dubai with an acceptable schedule for house cleaning, party assistance, washing, and cooking.

  Our company provides maids in dubai for last ten years. As a service provider, we are looking to help every person manage their job and family, and the maid service we offer is support to these people. Our Dubai maid workers undoubtedly consider your wider family. So, we are one of Dubai’s biggest cleaning companies and provide the best and customer-friendly maid services.

  Our maid employees are well-qualified and committed professionals. Via interviews, we pick Dubai maids and assess their abilities. Classes held to ensure that each maid employee in Dubai is adequately eligible to take up a job in our business.

  So, because we care about you and appreciate your concerns about housekeeping and maid selection, you can trust us strongly. We are proud to provide you with smart maid cleaning, the highest quality maids in Dubai, and a cleaning company in Dubai.

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We provide an Office Cleaning service.

A clean and safe space is an office identity, and the and committed professional staff would help keep the workplace neat and uphold the workplace level. So, we are not just part of the office cleaning team, but a specialist office cleaning organization and the best cleaning services in Dubai provided to you. So, we offer office maids in dubai that give your office a stylish look and a clean place.

You sometimes go out to clean your office premises, but you cannot afford to spend time there. So, we recognize your problem, and we are extending our support to help you to that end. Our skilled and committed office maids are always ready to help you clean the office with extreme care.

How to book our Dubai maid service?

We work in shifts so you can book the service for your comfort, and if you are out of the station and have questions about the home’s hygiene and your kids, you can trust our staff who there for you are and if you are away. Both for your house and children, so you can trust us. We understand the significance of your family and home’s protection and safety because we only hire every maid employee in our company after a thorough background investigation.

Residential Cleaning

Maids keep the home pretty enough and it always guarantees a healthy and hygienic area free from pathogenic diseases. The team is always committed to providing a hassle-free environment to customers ensure tidy surroundings for villas, dust-free window panels, well-organized living room, neat dining table, properly washed bed sheets and cleaned toilets, infection-free kitchen etc.



How to book our maid  service in Dubai ?

You can book the service for your convenience. Even if you are out of station and have concerns regarding the cleanliness of the home and also of your children, who are at home you can trust our employees who are there for you even if you are away.you can trust them with both your house and children. we know the  importance of both safety and security of your home and family and that is the reason why we appoint each maid staff in our company only after a proper background check.

So feel free to hire our staff and we promise they will be the best help you ever had

To avail of this service and book maid in dubai please contact our customer executive.

Trusted & Experienced

Long Contracts

Reliable & Fully Insured

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Experienced Staff

The maids are exceptionally skilled at working in homes with a polite attitude. They experienced in previous work with visa accomplishment in Gulf countries for at least five years. So, with a faithful and loving attitude, they understand how to operate in a household. As your housemaid, this makes them the best possible choice.

Fast Service

A housemaid’s expertise is more than running a vacuum over the floor. They know the correct and fast cleaning items well and use them according to the various conditions with a wooden base. As specific treatment is needed, the maid will be exceptionally careful in choosing the cleaning product to be applied to the floor. 


To clean houses, apartments, and offices, the maids attend intensive training sessions. In time management, communication skills, planning, and housekeeping skills, they will be better. When they enter your home, they will know precisely where to start cleaning, how to arrange your home, and maintain a high standard of personal standards.

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Smartmaid cleaning company is the best maid provider in Dubai. We offer the best maids to clean your home, apartments, office spaces and all the regions that you require a maid to help. The party helpers to assist in the party, after the party and in between the party...

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Yes. Smartmaid offers hourly maids for offices and residential areas. All you have to do is prior information about your location and requirement.W e drop our maids in your doorsteps in your convenient time so that they can help you in cleaning washing and ironing....


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