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Cooktop mostly suffers the most spills, splashes, and stains. Evaluating all the surfaces in your kitchen, your cooktop probably suffers the most spills, splashes, and stains. But just after spills cleaned the cooktop shines in a brighter way. Cleaning just after each cooking makes your work easier and smoother. Your routine cleaning activity should include cleaning the gas tops too. A routine will prevent from accumulating the wastes. Cleaning your stove weekly is a heavy task since the accumulation increases. No, matter whether it is a glass cooktop, a gas cooktop clean regularly so that it is easy to do.

A big selling point for glass stove tops are easy to clean. When it comes to hard work in cleaning the gas stove and cooktops glass stove tops are much easier than anything. With in a flat surface, wiping with a fiber cloth after every meal is barely considered a chore. You can also use mild detergents to clean the cooktops. However, a greasy surface or oily surface is better to clean with a mild detergent. Single edged scrappers are best to remove the tough stains in the glass top. You may apply a mild detergent and soak it for hours and then clean it once it gets finely soaked. Hold the blade in perfect angles so that the glass wont break. Keep in mind that don’t press the scrap so tightly or loosely. Wipe the glass with a facial tissue or with a fiber cloth so that the surface shine like a gem.

Adding vinegar or baking soda is the natural detergents that can be applied on the surface to clean the gas stove more easily. Add and wait for some time to soak the area and clean after minutes. Removal is easy with a microfiber cloth so that the area turns neat and clean. Daily cleaning is a simple process “wipe and go” is the easy process while pending for a long term can be hectic and time lag.

Gas stove tops are the olden and most popular stove options. Wipe and go is not easy for gas stove tops. The material may be steel that are non breakable and long lasting. Lift the grill and soak in hot rinse water for 15 minutes. Clean and rinse leftovers from the grill and plate with a homemade dust removal recipe.

Tips to clean stove burners

Use a damp cloth remove the food stuffs and other residues stick on the burner flame and make sure the burner is cool enough before you start cleaning. Apply mix of kerosene and oil and rub the burner top with a damp cloth and wait the residues to get completely removed.

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