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Some tips and tricks can be applied to clean your home easily.

Cleaning your blender

The mixer grinder blender can be easily cleaned with some hot water and cleaning detergents. The mixer grinder working with detergent and hot water easily cleanses and removes all stains that are surrounded in the nook and corner of the jar. Cleaning the blender with hot water and detergent cleanses the jar well and keeps it shiny and away from bacterial fungus.

The tapes and sinks coated with wax create and easy cleaning of kitchen sinks for the next day. The cleaned sinks and antibacterial resistant sinks can be ensured with proper wax usage cleaning. Wiping out the wax can easily clean the kitchen sinks and tapes more easily.

Cleaning coffee blenders with little vinegar can ensure the neatness. Coffee blenders are the platform for the growth of pathogens. The microorganisms grown in coffee blenders can be eliminated by cleaning with a vinegar drop. The foul smell from the coffee blenders can be eliminated using a drop of vinegar.

Clean your oven easily

The secret of cleaning the oven is quite simplethese days. The spills in the oven can be removed by spreading salt in the affected area. After a little hot the salt changes to ash and finally you may wipe out the ash with a piece of cloth and wipe out again once the oven is cool.

Cleaning top of the fridge

Covering the fridge top with a plastic sheet can easily remove the accumulated dust and other food particles. The plastic replacement can easily clean the top of a fridge. Monthly cleaning can ensure the clean refrigerator.

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