One time maids service Dubai




You may order our one-time maid service. Smart Maid Cleaning is a home-grown cleaning Service Provider in Dubai ,which provides quality housekeeping and cleaning solutions considering both requisition besides residential properties. We provide one time maids if you have  a one time or occasional times such as:

Party Help

Occasional cleaning activities

Maids for special days

Nannies for the day

The best solution for all the cleaning activities ends here.The one time maids we provide are best maids offering best service throughout Dubai.The one time maids we offer are caring and dedicated team.The best maid service in Dubai is assured by our team.The dedicated and hygienic staffs are the best offering by our team. Best teamwork offers the best service to the consumer.Our staffs are selected by multiple level of recruitment process  so that a fine processing is done before selection.

Bedrooms and Living Room

• Vacuum and mop floor
• Clean all mirrors
• Dusting of furniture
• Changing bed linen (once a month)


• Clean and disinfect bathtub, basin, toilet bowl
• Wash toilet floor and walls
• Clean all mirrors


• Mop floor
• Wipe cooking stove and exterior electrical appliances
• Wipe exterior surface of all cabinets
• Wash basin


• Empty thrash
• Clean windows and grills (rotational basis)
• Clean doors and metal gate (rotational basis)
• Ironing

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