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How should a care taker raise a child ?

Relationships with parental care, love and respect are key to building and maintaining quality relationships with young people. Children react to the emotions you get from them and they respond according to the input. By making yourself a trusted and valuable guardian, you can lay the foundation for using your strength over time with love. Whenever the child feels affectionate to the guardian or babysitter the child automatically changes to accept the babysitter.

The relationship between child caregivers and children has a significant impact on the quality of shared time and how effectively the babysitter used it. When child caregivers are aware of how they interact with children and their structure, they can intentionally maximize their value and influence young ones. Every child seeks a parental touch in a caregiver or babysitter. Whenever they feel the parental love and affectionate from a babysitter the child automatically gets attached with the baby.

Patience is needed to develop a child in a better way. The quality of relationships that you made with a child makes them believe that you know well enough to help. Every day you are together is an opportunity to get closer and positively influence a babies life.

The first impression you give your child will be more important in the long term run, than the impression you make for parents. Children will work with you if they are impressed on you and the initial tone effects the whole relationship. Your first meeting with children may be when your parents interview you, or maybe a trial period to see if you are the right person to look after the child. Welcome the child with an open heart can give them positive energy with a toffy bar or their favorite dishes makes them attached to yourself. The toffy bar or the dishes are an optional item in younger ones but they are mostly attached to emotions rather than the food.

Calm down and watch for signs of readiness to get involved with a small one. Wait until they are ready to accept your presence. If this is the case, make sure you come prepared by talking to their parents first and getting to know the activities that are most interesting to them. The varied combinations can be in each one and discover their favorites in each move and turns.

Listen to the parents

Parents will clearly know more about the child than others. This makes them a great resource that you can use to take a step forward in connecting with the child. A parent observes or spends most of their time even for some period. By closely watching the child behaviors parents assume many things and they make assumptions according to that. The assumptions each parent makes will be proper in all sense. Each parent can offer you valuable information about their child that they had made from detailed monitoring in the past days. The information a parent gives you has the ‘key point’ to control that baby.

Always try to have an open talk with the parent rather than assuming the things. It may have the basics to handle that child. Think about what your responsibilities will be, and then ask relevant questions. If you are responsible for the food, it is important to know what they like and more importantly did they suffer from any sought of food allergies.

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